My Father’s Art

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My Father's Art

Stanley Casimer (Casey) Onaitis
was born in Rochester, New York on July 13, 1910.

In 1928, he and his cousin drove and sketched their way
across the United States to California. With only a few
dollars in their pockets, the journey took many interesting
turns until they finally reached their destination.
    Casey settled permanently in Los Angeles in 1933. At that
time he still had limited income and couldn't afford to take
the art classes at Chouinard that he wanted to. However, a
teacher, well-known California artist Millard Sheets, thought
he had quite a talent and allowed him to sit in on his classes
where he studied life drawing, watercolor, abstract and modern
art, landscapes, religious motifs, images of Don Quixote, etc.
He especially liked painting in the styles of the old masters.
     Casey's styles, of which there are many, are very unique and desirable.
     He entered his watercolors in numerous shows including the California
Watercolor Society and the California State Fair in 1937 and won honors.
     For his and his family's livelihood he became a cartoonist and worked at
various studios over the years: Walter Lantz, Filmation, Disney, and more.
     But when not animating, he painted. Most of his work was done from the
1930s through the 1950s, but he still continued to paint until his death in 1984.
     This true California artist's art is available now as fine archival prints in limited
quantities, at affordable prices.
     I am now compiling his art and putting it out for all people to enjoy. I find it
original, interesting, colorful, and captivating, both in styles and in content.

Enjoy! Stanley Casimer Onaitis, Jr.